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What is said about Uganda Funeral Service?

What is said about Uganda Funeral Service?

Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, Archbishop of Kampala: 

In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (1Thessalonians 5:18). Guided by these words of sacred Scripture, I join the Uganda Funeral Services family in celebrating this great landmark of 20 years in the service of humanity. We thank the Lord for the inspiration and guidance that he gave to the founders of this pioneer funeral service provider in our country. Yours is not an ordinary business but a service to humanity, both the living the dead, during a very difficult moment of death. You have resolutely carried out your mission of providing quality, compassionate and professional funeral services to all classes of people, at affordable terms. On my own behalf, and on behalf of the clergy, religious and faithful of Kampala Archdiocese, many of whom have benefited from your services, I congratulate you.

During this past year, we have been invited to ‘be merciful like our heavenly father’ by carrying out acts of mercy, one which is burying the dead. This obligation involves accompanying them with our prayerful supplication on their behalf. You have rightly begun your celebrations with a very special prayer; Mass for the dead. This ‘holy and pious’ commemoration forms part of our Catholic traditions. I encourage you to promote this spirituality in your services. This celebration further reminds us that life is an important gift from God, who alone has the right to take it when time comes. None of us has authority over our lives or that of others, right from the womb through old age.

Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala, Archbishop Emeritus of Kampala:

Many of us today are familiar with companies which give dignified service to our brothers and sisters at the end of their earthly life. The wording of their titles varies, but they end with funeral services. I hail Uganda Funeral Services because it was the first organized group to render funeral services.

They remind us of a Jew whom we read about in the holy books, that whenever he found the body of a dead fellow Jew, he would bury him (Tobit 1:15-18) Uganda Funeral Services has over the years inspired other people to set up similar services in various corners of Uganda. It is my hope that they too will be of the same spirit of respect and love for those bodies which St. Paul describes as temples of the Holy Spirit. I congratulate Uganda Funeral Services and wish it to continue the noble service to our brothers and sisters when they end their earthly life.

Haji Yunus Kakande, secretary Office of the President:

The Office of the President congratulates the management and staff of Uganda Funeral Services upon making it to the 20th anniversary. I have not seen any company for the last 20 years offering the same kind of service. You have exhibited professionalism and excellence. You have opened a door and set a good example for the other companies to join the field. I, therefore, unreservedly commend you for having opened a way for other companies to join the same industry

Teresa Saavedra, FIAT-IFTA International President:

Uganda Funeral Services has added the human component and transformed services that you are able to provide a family during the difficult time when a loved one has passed on. We are sure that as you look upon the years past you must recall all the circumstances, steps, difficulties or positive inputs that you have had; yet we are absolutely confident that you have made a difference in all the families that you have served. At the dawn of your 20th anniversary, we are proud to witness your impact, your devotion and passion in making this difference possible in Uganda and beyond.

Maggie Kigozi, President of Business and Professional Women.

I respect Regina Mukiibi (RIP) for building her own capacity in business and specifically in funeral services. She travelled with a business delegation to the USA where she was able to learn from state of the art funeral service providers. She also was able to train her daughter in funeral science in the US.

I am proud that a company that started when I was the Executive Director of UIA has succeeded beyond our expectations, becoming the number one funeral service provider in the country. The company has invested in infrastructure and capacity building and creates a number of jobs.

Gideon Badagawa,(RIP) Executive Director, Private Sector Foundation Uganda:

The Private Sector Foundation Uganda is proud to associate with the management and staff of Uganda Funeral Services on the auspicious occasion to mark 20 years in business. As pioneers in the professional funeral and hygienic mortuary management, UFS has excelled in the business and attained professional status as a member of the World Organization of Funeral Directors Operatives (FIAT-IFTA), Netherlands and the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) - Washington D.C (USA).

PSFU is glad to have been part of the growth agenda for the company through various expert support that has transformed both operations and human capital development . We congratulate you on your achievement and endeavors in the last 20 years and pray for your continued professionalization of the funeral industry not only in Uganda but beyond.