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Uganda Funeral Services

At Uganda Funeral Services we strive to give our clients the best when it comes to the different services offered, in doing so we have come up with different Services that vary in price and items to meet any price range and accommodate our clients' preferences.


Embalming Starting From UGX300,000              

Embalming is the process of preserving human remains by delaying the natural effects of d...

Post Mortem

Post Mortem Starting From UGX700,000                          

A post-mortem also known as an autopsy, is the examination of human remains after death. ...


Storage Starting From UGX50,000                

At Uganda Funeral Services, we render a wide range of services including cleaning and dis...

Dressing and Handling

Dressing and Handling Starting From UGX150,000                

UFS will professionally take care of your loved departed one with honor, dignity and resp...

Professional Services

Professional Services Starting From UGX1,500,000              

This service includes; pallbearers, lowering device, casket tent, trolley, carpet, four c...

Grave Construction  - Ordinary Cement

Grave Construction - Ordinary Cement Starting From UGX1,500,0

In this package, we dig the grave, construct, plaster and paint up to slab level. Constru...

Grave Construction - Ceramic Tiles

Grave Construction - Ceramic Tiles Starting From UGX1,800,000

In this package, we dig the grave, construct with ceramic wall tiles up to slab level. Co...

Grave Construction -  Half Bricks

Grave Construction - Half Bricks Starting From UGX2,500,000  

In this package, we dig the grave, construct with selected half bricks up to slab level w...

Grave Finishing-Terrazo

Grave Finishing-Terrazo Starting From UGX3,800,000            

This is the provision of an attractive final appearance of a beloved's grave. UFS helps y...

Grave Finishing-Granite

Grave Finishing-Granite Starting From UGX7,500,000            

This is the provision of an attractive final appearance of a beloved's grave. UFS helps y...

Order of Service Booklets

Order of Service Booklets Starting From UGX3,000              

We do printing of the order of service booklets which includes biography, Bible readings,...


Videography Starting From UGX700,000                          

videography is much more than a live stream. It is the best way we at Uganda Funeral Serv...

Flowers (wreath)

Flowers (wreath) Starting From UGX50,000                      

We provide flowers of different sizes which create a background of warmth and beauty sign...

Over  Stay

Over Stay Starting From UGX500,000            

Over stay at Uganda Funeral Services which is done at client's request, refers to the ext...

A Generator

A Generator Starting From UGX300,000                          

We have standby generators  ready for hire. A generator is a device that converts motive...

Arranging for a Memorial Service

Arranging for a Memorial Service Starting From UGX1,000,000  

A memorial service is an event held after, or at any other time following their funeral. ...

Power Point Presentation

Power Point Presentation Starting From UGX1,200,000          

As the most caring part of a memorial service, when we lose someone we love, a memorial i...


Tents Starting From UGX150,000                  

A funeral ceremony requires an atmosphere that expresses respect for the deceased, close ...

Mobile Toilets

Mobile Toilets Starting From UGX600,000                      

A portable or mobile toilet is any type of toilet that can be moved around easily. Most t...

Photo Enlargement - Portrait A1

Photo Enlargement - Portrait A1 Starting From UGX350,000      

At Uganda Funeral Services, we do photo enlargement and framing in different sizes for ...

Photo Enlargement - Portrait A2

Photo Enlargement - Portrait A2 Starting From UGX250,000      

At Uganda Funeral Services, we do photo enlargement and framing in different sizes for ...

Photo Enlargement - Portrait A3

Photo Enlargement - Portrait A3 Starting From UGX150,000      

At Uganda Funeral Services, we do photo enlargement and framing in different sizes for ...


Soloist Starting From UGX800,000                

The sound of a human voice performing at a funeral can be a beautiful tribute to a depart...

Professional Counseling

Professional Counseling Starting From UGX500,000              

UFS provides therapy to clients grieving their loved ones this supports clients through t...


Photography Starting From UGX700,000                          

Photography is much more than just taking photos. It is the best way we accord our depart...

Live Streaming

Live Streaming Starting From UGX1,200,000                    

Funeral live streaming is an increasingly popular way to enable family and friends from a...

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