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UFS Packages

Uganda Funeral Services

At Uganda Funeral Services we strive to give our clients the best when it comes to the different packages offered, in doing so we have come up with different packages that vary in price and items to meet any price range and accommodate our clients' preferences.

Christian Package 1

Christian Package 1 Starting From UGX950,000

This package includes an executive coffin, embalming, beautification & dressing making the deceased suitable for public viewing.

Christian Package 2

Christian Package 2 Starting From UGX2,500,000

This package includes pallbearers Lowering Device, Coffin Tent & Trolley, Family Wreath & 4 Carnations on stands,  Condolence book etc.

Christian Package 3

Christian Package 3 Starting From UGX3,640,000

This package includes Grave Construction in cement and paint up to the Slab Level; inclusive of items in packages 1and 2

Christian Package 4

Christian Package 4 Starting From UGX4,200,000

This package includes Grave Construction in ceramic tiles upto the Slab Level inclusive of items in packages 1, 2 and 3 all together.

Moslem Package

Moslem Package Starting From UGX1,350,000

This Moslem package includes Jennazah cleansing with covering drape, Pallbearers, Post Funeral Appreciation, Sanda Condolence book etc.

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