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Moslem Package

Moslem Package

Starting From UGX1,350,000


This package is prepared specifically for the Muslims.

The following are included in this package:

  • Pallbearers (professional handlers)
  • Body Cleaning and Handling
  • Jennazah with a covering drape
  • Sanda
  • Website Obituary posting
  • Condolence book
  • 4 Radio Announcements
  • Post Funeral Appreciation text Messages
A pallbearer is one of several participants who help carry the casket at a funeral. They may wear white gloves in order to prevent damaging the casket and to show respect to the deceased person.

Body Cleansing and Handling
This involves cleaning and moving the dead body and preparing it for a proper burial.

Jennazah with a covering drape
This is a cloth in which the body is to be wrapped as required by the Moslem religion before burial.

Condolence book and 4 Radio Announcements
This item enables client let family and friends aware of a beloved passing and also show sympathy to the grieving.

Post Funeral Appreciation text Messages
Losing a loved one is sad and depressing but you shouldn’t forget to thank the people who mourned with you and were there to support you. Go ahead and show them your appreciation it will really mean a lot to them and for you as well in expressing you gratitude.

Website Obituary Posting
This is done on our obituary page