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Grave Construction - Ordinary Cement

Grave Construction - Ordinary Cement

Starting From UGX1,500,000


Concrete and cement is so integral to our communities especially in grave construction because it is the only building material that cost-effectively delivers and readily available.

Monolithic character gives a nice appearance and much  rigidity to the grave walls

The property of concrete to possess high compressive strength, makes cement grave walls more economical.


Cement has very good strength in tension as well as compression.


Cement grave structures are durable if designed and laid properly. They can last up to 100 years.


Cement sections can be given any shape easily by properly designing the formwork. Thus, it is more suitable for architectural requirements.


The raw materials which are required for Cement graves i.e., cement, sand aggregate, water and steel are easily available and can be transported easily. Nowadays Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) is used for faster and better construction. (RMC is the concrete which is manufactured in the factory and transported to the site in green or plastic state).

Fire Resistance 

Cement graves are fire resistant too.


Cement is almost impermeable to moisture.