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Grave Construction - Ceramic Tiles

Grave Construction - Ceramic Tiles

Starting From UGX1,800,000


There are many added benefits that go along with installing ceramic flooring tiles in grave construction.

  • There are literally thousands of different ceramic tiles at tile suppliers and large centers. The selection of shapes, colors, styles, designs, and textures is vas .Ceramic tiles are available in small sizes; this makes the tile very handy and easy to use. It also prevents wastage in tile material.
  • Ceramic tiles are made from clay, sand and glass making them  environmentally friendly. Many ceramic tiles are made from recycled and/or recyclable content.
  • There scratch resistant, anti-skid and highly durable.
  • The tiles are very easy to clean and require very low maintenance.
  • The tiles are available in numerous designs and colors and in digitally printed options.

  • They are available as glazed and unglazed tiles . In glazed tiles a layer of glaze is added as the top most layer of the tile. The glazed layer makes the tile highly resistant to stains.
  • Ceramic tile floors are resistant to fire, rot, insects, odor, and fading.
  • Class 3 and Class 4 ceramic tiles (tiles which are made for moderate to heavy floor traffic) don’t scratch.
  • Ceramic flooring is very tough, and the tiles are difficult to crack. If installed properly, ceramic flooring can last 10-20 years and longer if maintained. However, if a single tile does crack due to a heavy impact, it’s simple to replace.
  • Because ceramic wall tile is resistant to moisture and humidity, it is ideal for damp environments  It does not swell or deform when exposed to high levels of moisture.
  • Even when subjected to continuous exposure to the sun, ceramic wall tiles do not fade or lose color. The appearance of these tiles will remain the same for many years with minimal care.
  • Ceramic wall tiles are durable and long-lasting. They do not crack, fade, or break under pressure.
  • Unlike other materials that may absorb and hold odors, ceramic wall tile does not absorb smells.
  • Ceramic wall tile is impervious to moisture and humidity. This trait improves its resistance to mold, bacteria, and fungi. As a result, you will have an easier time keeping toxins and bacteria from developing on your walls.
  • Ceramic wall tile may cost you more money initially; however, if you consider the longevity, attractiveness, and durability of ceramic wall tile, the cost is worth it. Over time, ceramic wall tile proves itself to be one of the most cost-effective options available.